Do You Ever Feel Like a Herman?

In a shadowed corner of the house, outside by the side door, sits my hydrangea plant under a tree. Light cannot penetrate the plant’s leaves as it should to soak up the radiance of the sun because of the overhanging of the tree.

I say plant because it totally lacks the definition of bush. I nicknamed him Herman. Don’t ask me why. I haven’t a clue.

The soil under the tree must be bad. None of the plants I’ve planted there will grow. Herman is still there, though he has barely grown in three years. I think he is the wrong type of hydrangea to be in the shade. Even though I fed him, I guess twice wasn’t enough. He is scrawny; his growth is stunted. He has offered me only six blossoms, if that many. (That’s one of his prettier moments in the photo.)

I have to watch Herman when the weather gets warm. He dries up quickly. The intertwining roots of the tree suck all the moisture away from him. He wilts and needs watering frequently.

Since this summer was record-breaking, swelteringly hot, I had to water him every morning so he would last through the day. He always perks up in about an hour after being replenished with an energizing drink of water.

Herman has not reached his potential because he is trying to blossom in the wrong place. So, I’m going to transplant him in a better spot where he will get more sun.

The same thing can happen to us as Christians.

Just as we need to be replenished physically and emotionally, we also need to be restored spiritually.

We can learn a few lessons from Herman…

* Occasionally, we feel the many tangled roots of errands, activities, kid’s practices for sports or music, appointments, and work suck the moisture of life right out of us, depleting us of our time, energy, and emotions.

* At times, we do not grow as we should. Taking care of everyone else and spending no time developing our own interests stunts our growth.
* On rare occasions, we may find that we are planted in the wrong place. Serving in the wrong capacity can bring drought or even burn out. Finding and serving in our true strength, talent, and gift is essential.

* We sometimes need to be transplanted into better soil of the mind, a change of thinking, getting rid of the negative and planting the positive.
* We experience circumstances that heat up and wilting occurs. A plant needing help and attention shows outward signs of wilting. But one needing help and attention does not always show the outward signs of wilting. We may be wilting on the inside. This is when a we need to ask for help from others.

* We need to be fed spiritually and often or there will be slow or no growth with few good results.
* We feel hidden in the shadows, needing not more s-u-n but more S-o-n.
* Every now and then, we get thirsty and need replenishing. The refreshment of the Living Waters satisfies completely. Watering daily is a must.

I pray you will take time to feed the soil of your heart in the presence of the Lord, to soak up the radiance of the Son, and to drink of His Living Waters to satisfy your spirit, soul, and body to last through the day.

Do you ever feel like a Herman?

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