Two Dreams: One Solution

Dream Forest

I fell asleep quickly; I was so tired. I don’t remember dreams very often, but this one was significant. Or rather…these two were significant.

As I dreamed…

I walked through a lifeless forest, devoid of all its beauty. No verdant leaves or blooms. It was naked and dead. The ground seemed hard and bare without the beauty of flowers or the cushion of grass, only the crunch of dead leaves beneath my feet. All was dark and dreary. I shivered in the gloomy surroundings.

Mushrooms began popping up everywhere. Instantly, I knew they were poisonous. Walking without stepping on them was next to impossible. I felt frightened.

I awakened and bolted upright. “Lord, what does this mean?” I received no answer and fell immediately back to sleep.

I began to dream again.

Dream Forest 2

I walked through another forest, though nothing like the first one. This forest burst forth with lush, green underbrush. Trees displayed golden-bronze, bittersweet, tangerine, bright red, and burgundy highlights. Grass and flowers were profuse.

I rubbed my eyes. There seemed to be a slight fog over it all, yet it did not alter the beauty of the forest. No, it was not a fog; it was something else.

Remember the stare game? I’m sure you’ve played it. You stare at an object for about one minute, then look away and stare at something else. The impression of the object first focused on is then superimposed upon any other object looked at.

What did I see? Impressed over all the forest was the image of Jesus.

Movement of some sort caught my attention. I glanced over to see a mushroom pop up and immediately disappear. Then, just as suddenly, a flower replaced it. I was surrounded by mushrooms popping up and disappearing and flowers appearing. I felt a deep, full joy.

The dream was over and I awoke again.

Puzzled, I asked, “Lord, please, what does all this mean?”

The Lord answered…

“In your first dream, all seemed dark, lost, and devoid of life and beauty. Why? Because the mushrooms symbolize your thoughts of worries, doubts, and anxieties that pop up concerning your circumstances, even over your future. They are truly poisonous. They darken your whole outlook on life and your surroundings. They expand in your mind and can even bring disease and toxic emotions.*

Clinging to these troubling thoughts is harmful. Bring them into the captivity of Christ.

“And what about the second dream?” I asked.

In your second dream, you walked through the beauty of a life focused on Me. Life, with its blazing colors of joy and comfort I create for everyday living. The mushrooms disappeared because you did not allow them to become poisonous matter. Every time a negative thought of worry or doubt arose, you immediately replaced it with praise and it filled you with joy.

I am your focus. Look away from your sordid circumstances and behold Me with such intensity that My image is impressed upon everything else in your life.

Love, joy, peace, comfort, hope, strength, power, healing, patience, humility, wisdom, forgiveness, provision, and victory…all can be yours. Just remember Paul’s words to the Philippians, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”

Live by faith, not by sight. Your faith-vision is to see Me. Concentrate on Me and your thoughts will be more positive, your praise more abundant, and your joy more full.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, fill your minds with beauty and truth. Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy.” (Phil. 4:8 Voice)

My sweet readers, may all your dreams be filled with solutions.

~Lord, help me to turn all my toxic mushroom-thoughts into beautiful flowers of praise.

* “Change in your thinking is essential to detox the brain.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

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Does This [blank] Make My But Look Big?

But looks big

Buts! We all have them. I mean the verbal kind.

Excuses, excuses! We all make them.

* I’m afraid
* Me? Never!
* It’s too hard
* I can’t do this
* I don’t want to
* I’m too whatever
* I never learned to…
* Someone will laugh at me
* I don’t have that talent/gift
* I’ve never done this before
* Why should I be the one to…

We aren’t satisfied with those, so we start inserting the negative in with the positive by adding the but…

* I like my job but…
* It’s great day but…
* My wife is caring but…
* My husband is kind but…
* He’s a great worker but…
* She’s my best friend but…
* My children are good but…
* We had a wonderful time but…
* The people at work are nice but…

I know. Some buts are necessary to explain circumstances. However, I think we have fallen into a but pit!

We limit ourselves with all the buts.
We kill our joy and positive thinking with all the negatives! Negatives are fetters that bind us to earth, tether our souls to the world and keep us from soaring in the heavenlies.

For every negative, we need to substitute a positive.

How many negatives and buts do we put into our prayers? We expect an outcome to be positive, so we pray how? With a negative, I can’t… I’m not…But if You don’t…I trust You, Lord, but…

Instead, we should add plenty of positives by worshiping, praising, and thanking God for the answers, for what He is doing and will do, and just for Who He is.

And what about after we pray? What do we do? If we pray positively, we go right back to speaking the buts and the negatives. Out of our mouth comes: I prayed and believed but I don’t think God will work it out for me. I know God is good but…

Solomon warned, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” (Prov. 4:23 Masoretic Text) Another version says, “Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.” (New Century Version) And so do your words!

Knowing the consequences of his thoughts and words, David was wise to pray, “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.” (Ps. 141:3 NLT)

I’ve learned that thankfulness and praise are the best replacements for any complaints, turning each negative into a positive.

Have “you confessed the good confession” lately? (1 Tim. 6:12 Amp)

Negativity will always make our but look big. I hope my but is shrinking! (Ha! In more ways than one!) However, God is always bigger than my but!

So, how’s your but?

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