A Festering Secret

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Festering secret
There once was a handsome, young prince who lived in a small kingdom. He was kind, generous, loving, a perfect gentleman, and everyone loved him.

But they did not know he harbored a deep, dark secret, something he didn’t want anyone to know. To keep it from everyone, he wrapped it in sackcloth and hid it in a beautiful, expensive vessel.

Every night, he visited it.

And no one knew.

Every few days, he checked it to make sure it was still hidden. One day, he noticed the wrapping seemed to be bulging but he didn’t think much of it.

And no one knew.

A few nights later, when he wanted to wallow with it, he saw that it seemed even larger than before, but he shrugged it off, thinking it was just his imagination.

And no one knew.

The stench grew daily and so did its size. One night, he found his secret festered, wormy, and extended past its constraints. The vessel cracked.

But still, no one knew.

He could no longer contain his secret. Overflowing its boundary, it finally broke the vessel and began to ooze out across the floor and underneath the door.

Now, everyone would know. What would they think of their Prince? He knew he must do something.

It grieved his heart he had been so foolish to do such a terrible thing and tried to hide his deep, dark secret. So, he decided to reveal it, to shine a light on it and clean it up.

He cried out to God, “Oh, God, save me from this terrible thing I’ve done. ‘Against You, You only, have I sinned, and done this evil in Your sight.’ (Ps. 51:4 NKJV)

“I am in anguish over my sin. God, nothing is hidden from You. ‘You spread out our sins before you—our secret sins—and you see them all.’ (Ps. 90:8 NLT)

“Please keep this from others that I may not hurt them or defame Your holy name. Show me those hidden sins lurking in my heart. ‘Cleanse me from these hidden faults.’ (Ps. 19:12b TLB)

“Cleanse my heart, O God. ‘Look on my affliction and my pain, and forgive all my sins.’” (Ps. 25:18 NKJV)

When we have secret, unconfessed sins, they fester, they putrify, and they overflow from their dark corner of our heart’s vessel.

Sometimes, we wash the outside of us but ignore the inside and become hypocrites like the Pharisees. Sometimes, we need to give ourselves a good, hard look-see. A periodic checkup, to reassess what we’re doing, and where we are, and be ruthless with ourselves, and ask…

*Am I a hypocrite, presenting myself as something I’m not?
*Do I want others to know what’s on the inside of me?
*Am I concealing some dark sin in my heart’s vessel?
*Am I doing as Jesus desires me to do?

All festering secrets will grow and rupture, unless washed in the blood of Jesus and forgiven.

~Lord, show me where I have hidden sins and faults that I leave wrapped away in a dark corner of my heart. Shine Your light on them, cleanse them, and forgive me. Wash me and make me holy in Your sight again. Amen!

Do you ever have a sit-down with yourself on occasion, giving yourself a good going over?

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  1. says

    Hi! What an amazing story ;o) May I share this one on the Ruby blog in August? I’m finishing up the schedule this afternoon and would like to include this if it’s OK with you! Thanks for your generosity in sharing your writing with the Ruby community. Nina

  2. says

    Fester – what a word to ponder. Lord, what am I allowing to fester in my life that needs healing? you are making me think tonight, Lynn! LOL

  3. says

    Lynn, what a wonderful way to illustrate how sin can so easily get out of control if we’re not careful! I’m going to be Nina’s copycatter and ask if I can share this on my biker church and ministry pages?

    Love you girl!

  4. says

    That’s a sobering and effective way to get our attention, Lynn. Whenever I have something that I want to keep hidden, I know something has gone awry. Thanks for the encouragement to stay in the Light!

    • says

      So sorry, Lisa, I haven’t gotten to your comment. Been a little busy. Thank you soooo much for visiting. I’m honored. LOL Yeah, as I was writing it, I thought maybe I might not even post it. Got a little skittish. I appreciate your kind words. Bless you!

  5. says

    Yeah, yeah, I do. Or I should say, I ask the Holy Spirit to shine His light on the things He doesn’t like. Get it out and over with… that’s my take on secret stuff :)
    Good post, thank you Lynn.

  6. Carol Hind says

    Hi Lynn,
    I’m not sure why this is coming out in all caps – it is not my intention to shout (it seems to do this whether the shift key is depressed or not).
    anyway, this is a beautiful story. you have a wonderful gift of engaging the reader with your storytelling then before you know it, the focus moves from the protagonist to the reader.
    a thought-provoking devotional. thank you.

    Carol (member of christianwriters)

    • says

      Hey, Carol! Hmmm…looks like it came out all right. The caps thing has happened a couple of times before. I don’t know what is causing it. I need to have someone check on that. So it’s not you. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m truly grateful! I’m so glad to have you visit. Thanks for letting me know who you are. Blessings to you! 😀

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