A Festering Secret

Festering secret

There once was a handsome, young prince who lived in a small kingdom. He was kind, generous, loving, a perfect gentleman, and everyone loved him. But they did not know he harbored a deep, dark secret, something he didn’t want anyone to know. To keep it from everyone, he wrapped it in sackcloth … [Continue reading]

The Tour Bus

Tour bus

Come along with me for a tour bus ride… A man moves to a new city. He decides to take a tour bus ride to see his new surroundings, to allow a guide to show him the unexplored community he has joined. The man climbs on-board the bus and takes his seat. No one else is on the bus; it’s a private … [Continue reading]

Broken and Better


Broken and better. I came across this wonderful process used by the Japanese. Maybe you’ve seen if before. It’s called kintsugi (meaning golden … [Continue reading]

Guess What 68-57-48-6 Is?


It’s a celebration! Well, actually, four celebrations! Grab one of these cupcakes and a cup of coffee and celebrate with me. I wish it was more … [Continue reading]

Fresh Prints

Fresh prints

To hear His loving whispers, to sense His holy nearness, to feel the gentle caress of His hand upon your heart and soul? If you long for this, sit … [Continue reading]

At His Feet

At His Feet

, when the world comes crashing down on your shoulders, when storms hit and there isn’t much you can do? Do you immediately seek the advice of a … [Continue reading]

The Making of a Mom

The Making of a Mom

While this is mainly for moms, if any of you moms or guys know of someone who would benefit from this book (or our group), please pass it along. And … [Continue reading]

Ooo…Having a Good Ponder on Hope!


Sometimes, I go through a book of my Bible and just read the parts I have marked or highlighted. It encourages me. The other day, I decided to go … [Continue reading]

Blush? What’s That?

Blush? What's That?

Something has been bugging me. Well, out of the many things, I’ve been wondering about the lack of our ability to blush. Because I care about my … [Continue reading]

Still Waving


Still waving... As the British launched the Battle of Baltimore at nearby Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key was detained by enemy troops on a ship … [Continue reading]