Harvest of Peace

Harvest of peace

***I felt led to post on peace today. I searched my files and found I’d written four times over the years on peace, with others waiting in the wings to be finished. As I read over the four peace devotionals, I could not decide which one to use. Then, the Lord nudged me to post them all. So, the next … [Continue reading]

Battle Time!

Battle time

“The battle is the Lord’s.”(1 Sam. 17:47b NKJV) Do you ever personalize or make scripture applicable to your own situations? I asked the Lord what He wanted me to write about (as I normally do) as encouragement for you, my special friends, and He led me to 1 Samuel 17. The story of David and … [Continue reading]

Thorns That Pierce the Heart


Briers sticking. Thistles piercing. Thorns pricking. Thorns of trials. Thorns of affliction. Thorns of adversity. Thorns of all kinds. Pricking … [Continue reading]


Abandoned building

Coming across a topic, whether text, image, or whatever, is happenstance. Twice is probably a coincidence. But more than twice? Not a coincidence to … [Continue reading]

Dancing Scarecrow

Dancing Scarecrow

Autumn. I love this time of year. The cool breezes requiring a sweater or jacket. The warmth of the sun that energizes. The aroma of the crisp air and … [Continue reading]

The Living One Who Sees Me

Star eye

How about this for a play or a movie? The players: Mistress: Sarai, Hubby’s wife Hubby: Abram, Mistress’ husband Maid: Hagar, Sarai’s … [Continue reading]



“The Lord will perfect that which concerns me… Do not forsake the works of Your hands.” Ps. 138:8 NKJV Let’s ponder on this… The Hebrew word … [Continue reading]

According to Your Word

Bible and prayer

God’s Word. Has God not said it? Then, it is according to His Word. His holy Word, His Truth…that which we are to live out in our lives, if we are … [Continue reading]

The Road Ahead

Road ahead

As Christians, we each travel our own road, the path God maps out just for us. Sometimes, we feel we walk alone... ...sometimes we walk with … [Continue reading]

I Wanna Be a Rubber Band!

Rubber band

LOL No, not a musical group. One like this... With all the events going on in the world and those swirling around me and my family, I’m just … [Continue reading]