According to Your Word

Bible and prayer

God’s Word. Has God not said it? Then, it is according to His Word. His holy Word, His Truth…that which we are to live out in our lives, if we are God’s children. As our heavenly Father, He gave us His Word for… *our guidance *our protection *our comfort *our peace *our success *our … [Continue reading]

The Road Ahead

Road ahead

As Christians, we each travel our own road, the path God maps out just for us. Sometimes, we feel we walk alone... ...sometimes we walk with others... ...sometimes, the way ahead may be foggy... ...or it may be hot and dry... ...or it may be blocked... ...sometimes it may … [Continue reading]

I Wanna Be a Rubber Band!

Rubber band

LOL No, not a musical group. One like this... With all the events going on in the world and those swirling around me and my family, I’m just … [Continue reading]

She Had a Reputation

Woman in doorway

She carries a burden, the burden of a reputation. You know, that kind of reputation. She spends her nights standing in darkened doorways, waiting for … [Continue reading]

What a Reunion!

Reunion in heaven

Have you ever been to your high school reunion? I was blessed to be part of a very special class in high school that, unfortunately, I didn’t get to … [Continue reading]

Ever Feel Like a Herman?


In a shadowed corner of the house, outside by the side door, sits my hydrangea plant under a tree. Light cannot penetrate the plant’s leaves as it … [Continue reading]

A Helper Found in Trouble

Helper found in trouble

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Ps. 46:1 NKJV ♬ Here we go a-pondering… ♬ Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Just sounded … [Continue reading]

God is There!

God is there

God is there… …from the moment you were born… …until the time you leave this earth… …from each day’s sunrise… …to every day’s … [Continue reading]

With Faith Like Hers: I am Ruth book tour

Carol Peterson Ruth

***Today, I welcome my friend Carol Peterson to tell us about her new Bible study, I am Ruth from her Bible study series With Faith Like Hers. Don’t … [Continue reading]

Overcast with a Chance of Clouds


Overcast. Clouds. A change in the barometer. Rain and/or a storm coming. I feel it all. My fibromyalgia-filled body lets me know. I cannot avoid the … [Continue reading]