The Holey People

Holey people

Nestled on the verdant slopes of a vast kingdom lay a small but lovely village called Holeyville. It was picture perfect in any season, whether in winter with snow-covered mountains and horse-drawn carriages bedecked with jingling bells and plaid blankets, or in spring with golden slopes of … [Continue reading]

The Story of Her Existence

Woman at window

She tells me the story of her life. I listen. She talks. I write. She says she lives in a hole. A figurative hole, but a hole nonetheless. Some days, she says clouds of discouragement roll in, casting shadows over her life. On sunny days, hope makes a temporary visit. Some days, … [Continue reading]

Feeling De-anchor-ized Lately?


De-anchor-ized. A Lynnism for feeling like life’s anchor has let go and you’re now drifting away with the rushing current of life’s circumstances. … [Continue reading]

Just Passing Through


Source: Finetooth at Wikimedia Pondering again! This time on this… “Blessed are those who dwell in Your house; They will still be praising … [Continue reading]

If You Were God’s Employee, Would He Need to Fire You?

You're fired

It hopped in my brain, swished around, and popped into a thought to myself: If you were God’s employee, would He need to fire you? Do we look like … [Continue reading]

Let the Light Shine

Broken pot

A couple of posts ago, I posted a devotional called Broken and Better. (In case you missed it, it’s here.) I received a precious email comment … [Continue reading]

A Festering Secret

Festering secret

There once was a handsome, young prince who lived in a small kingdom. He was kind, generous, loving, a perfect gentleman, and everyone loved … [Continue reading]

The Tour Bus

Tour bus

Come along with me for a tour bus ride… A man moves to a new city. He decides to take a tour bus ride to see his new surroundings, to allow a guide … [Continue reading]

Broken and Better


Broken and better. I came across this wonderful process used by the Japanese. Maybe you’ve seen if before. It’s called kintsugi (meaning golden … [Continue reading]

Guess What 68-57-48-6 Is?


It’s a celebration! Well, actually, four celebrations! Grab one of these cupcakes and a cup of coffee and celebrate with me. I wish it was more … [Continue reading]