Come Away with Me

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Come Away with Me

“Come away with me…my [promised] bride.”
SOS 4:8 Amp

“Come away with Me,” beckons the Lord.

“Come away with Me. Make time to spend at My feet. Sit with Me and listen, even if I am silent. My Presence will fill you.

“Come away with Me, and I will take you aside from the crowd, from all the din and demands.

“When you come away with Me, you will leave behind the distractions of the valley, those circumstances the world attempts to throw at you. Climb the mountain slopes of splendor and breath in the rarefied air with Me.

“When you come away with Me, you will find rest. Rest in My Presence. Being with Me will change you; it will bring joy and peace to our aching soul.

“When you come away with Me, does it thrill you to be near Me? Does it comfort you? Does My nearness suffice?

“When you don’t come away with Me, you will feel something missing in your soul.

“When you don’t come away with Me, each circumstance will become another layer of detachment, as a veil of separation between us, hiding My Presence, and you will think you cannot find Me.

“When you don’t come away with Me, it saddens Me. Saddens Me that you do not desire Me above all others.

“Without Me, you will feel lost, though I am always with you.

“Without Me, you will veer off My chosen path, and your feet will tread a strange way.

“Without Me, you make busyness your god, and you will lose your peace and joy.

“Choose the good part, as Mary did. To sit at My feet. Then, the Holy Spirit will come as the dew of dawn to silently dispense His peace and comfort. In waves of coolness, He will breathe upon you like a refreshing wind.

“When darkness and loneliness loom over you, they will yet result in the richest and most rewarding of all spiritual experiences, for it is then you will see your darkness is but the overshadowing of My wings. Await the radiance of My glorious Light to fall from heaven that you might behold your precious Savior.

“Come. Come to Me. Listen to the words of My heart…to your heart. Words you long to hear. Words of comfort and love. I am your Shepherd. I will feed you; I will guide you; I will strengthen you. I will make you lie down in green pastures and lead you beside still waters. I will refresh and restore your soul.”

“My beloved said to me, ‘Rise up, my love,
my fair one, and come away.’”
SOS 2:10 TLB

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